Legendary Japanese "visual-kei" band X Japan will play two reunion gigs at Tokyo Dome March 28 and 30, the band’s drummer/leader Yoshiki announced Jan. 19.

In 1992, X Japan became the first Japanese band to sell out the 50,000-seat Dome. Since the band broke up in 1997 following the death of guitarist Hide, there have been persistent rumors of a reunion.

Speaking at a press conference at the Apple Computer store in Shibuya, Tokyo, Yoshiki also announced that X Japan's new single "I.V." will be available worldwide through iTunes from Jan. 23, and that the track will be the main theme of horror movie "Saw 4."

As reported in Billboard magazine (Dec. 1, 2007), the glam rock "visual-kei" movement has recently spawned a new wave of bands like Versailles, Dir en Gray and D'espairs Ray that have used appearances at manga/anime conventions to build U.S. fanbases.