A haul of 3,000 counterfeit Bollywood CDs and more than 200,000 illegal DVDs has been seized during a raid in Paris.

Officials from the IFPI and BPI were present at the Feb. 13 raid on the Thamilan Music Centre, which was carried out by officers from the Police National Judiciaire.

The confiscated product predominantly featured Bollywood repertoire, which was sourced from Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia.

"Bollywood piracy is a growing problem throughout Europe," comments David Wood, director of the BPI's anti-piracy unit. "It is one that anti-piracy officers from the U.K. have a good track record of dealing with and we are sharing this expertise with law enforcement agencies across the continent. This has led to successful raids on organized criminal gangs in countries such as France and the Netherlands."

One man was arrested and held in custody following the operation.