From artists remaking their studios to promoters with an eye on changing the world, the (recycled) pages of our second annual Green issue showcase every sector of the music business, blazing trails for concertgoers, music diehards and casual fans alike. The biz may be in the fiscal doldrums, but it remains unparalleled in its ability to inspire progress. Below, accompanying our second annual Green issue coverage, please find exclusive, extended .Biz Q&As with Live Earth executive producer Kevin Wall, Reverb's Adam Gardner, R.E.M.'s Michael Stipe and Byrds Co-Founder Roger McGuinn.

This year's full Green issue can be seen here. For last year's full coverage, click here.

The Green Index
A list of organizations and resources offering green services.
By Billboard Staff

Billboard Q&A: Live Earth Executive Producer Kevin Wall
Last summer's global Live Earth megaconcerts were precedent-setting on many fronts, from the clarity of the cause and the mammoth logistical challenges faced, to the ambitiously green staging of the shows and the multiplatform mass-messaging. Live Earth executive producer, Kevin Wall, sat with Billboard to discuss the Live Earth legacy, what lies ahead, and the importance of the Kyoto 2 Treaty.
By Ray Waddell

Billboard Q&A: Reverb's Adam Gardner
His nonprofit's mission: greening the tour industry and spreading the biodiesel gospel to fans - and Congress.
By Mitchell Peters

Commentary: Doing Your Part, Digitally
The co-founder/co-president of Six Degrees Records, an independent label in San Francisco, asks: Is it really necessary to mail promo CDs?
By Pat Berry

Billboard Q&A: R.E.M.'s Michael Stipe
R.E.M. frontman Michael Stipe recently spoke with Billboard about politics, touring, and the band's new album, "Accelerate." Long known for green activism and for making green music, Stipe also discussed the origins of his interest in the issue.
By Jessica Letkemann

Billboard Q&A: Byrds Co-Founder Roger McGuinn
Folk-rock mainstay Roger McGuinn, who co-founded the Byrds in 1964, has long
been not only writing music about the environment, he's also been an
activist. Now in his fifth decade in the business, McGuinn has seen the seed
of environmentally conscious music planted with Pete Seeger bloom into
generations that followed.
By Jessica Letkemann