Death Row Records founder Suge Knight has filmed a reality show called "Unfinished Business." The series is an "Apprentice"-esque show where Knight is building a new record label called Black Ball records and participants compete for jobs.

Knight hasn't found a distributor for the show yet, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal. The trailer is currently swirling around the Internet and features competitors searching for new talent, receiving beatings in Black Ball's headquarters and Knight discussing who shot rapper Tupac Shakur.

In 2006, Knight filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy and the Los Angeles bankruptcy courts are currently sorting through Death Row Records' rights.

Last year, former Death Row producer and artist Dr. Dre filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles bankruptcy court against defunct label Death Row Records over who owns the rights to the 1992 album "The Chronic." Dr. Dre also wanted the court to issue a permanent injunction that would bar the defendants from offering the copyrights for sale without his written consent. "If not enjoined, the trustee will proceed to accept a bid, and seek bankruptcy court approval to sell the copyrights accordingly," the lawsuit stated.

Additional reporting by Susan Butler, N.Y.