Devices were the story of CTIA Wireless 2008 day two, with both Samsung and Nokia introducing slick new gadgets.

Sprint introduced its answer to the iPhone during a keynote by CEO Dan Hesse—the Samsung Instinct.

The device, developed by both Sprint and Samsung together to insure the services and hardware were integrated properly, features a touch-screen and a Qwerty keypad, as well as several multimedia functions.

In addition to access to the Sprint Music Store and other music services, the Instinct comes loaded with a 2 GB microSD card for storage, which can be upgraded to an 8 GB card if desired. Other applications include a 2-megapixel camera, video programming, GPS-enabled driving directions and Web search.

Nokia meanwhile showed off its WiMax/WiFi-enabled device, more of a portable tablet computer than phone. It will be available this summer on Sprint’s WiMax Xohm service.