Ray J celebrated the release of his fourth album, "All I Feel," at New York's Spotlight Live last night. Rapper Yung Berg and R&B newcomer Casely also performed during the evening, which was sponsored by both Epic and Koch Records.

Comedian Drew Fraser hosted the show, and Southern Florida native Casely performed first. Running through two new songs and his current single "Emotional," Casely showcased plenty of choreography that was perhaps better saved for another performance with background dancers. However, his ability to play the piano garnered a bit of the audience's attention.

Yung Berg was next, wearing a low-fitted red baseball cap, button-up shirt, jeans, and several diamond-studded chains that slapped his chest as he rhymed. Beginning with his 2007 track, "Sexy Lady," Berg also introduced two new songs, including "Do That there," as well as a new female singer named Casha.

Finally, Ray J took the stage and began by thanking his fans and label executives, including Epic's president Charlie Walk and Koch's chief executive Michael Koch and GM and executive VP Alan Grunblatt, for attending. Dressed in a blue track jacket and jeans, Ray J began with his 2001 club hit, "Wait A Minute," then played the keyboard while he sang 2005's "One Wish." Bringing out Yung Berg, the pair wrapped up the show by gyrating through their duet, "Sexy Can I," which currently sits at No. 6 on the Hot 100 Chart.

Ray J's "All I Feel" hits retailers April 8.

Additional reporting by Mariel Concepcion.