The Rolling Stones and the YouTube video Web site have teamed up to launch a new entertainment channel.

According to a statement from the band and record label Universal, fans can upload questions to the Stones about "Shine a Light", a new documentary about the veteran rockers directed by Martin Scorsese, as well as "any other burning questions."

"By visiting, viewers will be able to upload footage of themselves asking their questions to Mick Jagger and/or Keith Richards," the statement said.

"The best questions will be personally answered, with the subsequent footage of the Rolling Stones available to watch exclusively on this new YouTube channel in a few weeks' time."

YouTube is featuring a short video clip of Jagger and Richards to promote the channel on the main page of its site in the United States and across much of Europe and Asia.

YouTube is launching a music channel called YouTube Living Legends which invites top pop acts from around the world to communicate with fans via the popular site.

The announcement on Friday comes shortly after MySpace, the world's biggest social networking site, said it had created an online music venture with three major record companies in a challenge to Apple Inc's iTunes Music Store.