Duran Duran is eyeing collaborations with two of the hottest young names in British music, the Arctic Monkeys and Mark Ronson.

As details roll out for the European leg of the band's Red Carpet Massacre tour, word is out that Duran Duran will join forces with Amy Winehouse producer Ronson this summer on a music project.

Although details are vague, a spokesperson for Duran Duran says both parties are "definitely discussing working on some material together" and a "possible live collaboration."

Meanwhile, Arctic Monkeys drummer Matt Helders has contributed a remix of "Skin Divers," the second track lifted from "Red Carpet Massacre." Helders and Monkeys frontman Alex Turner are rumored to have supplied sampled vocals to the reworked track.

Although a street date has yet to be scheduled, the band's spokesman suggests the single and remix might get a special download-only release, perhaps via the iTunes Music Store.

The Arctic Monkeys have enshrined the '80s teenybopper favorites on each of their two albums by referencing Duran Duran lyrics.

"I think we're going to try doing that on every second song on every album," Turner told Billboard last year. At the time, however, he admitted, "The only songs of theirs I know are the ones I've referenced so far. Maybe I had a premonition of Simon LeBon entering a dream or something. I don't know much about them. It's weird where that came from."

Duran Duran's world tour will visit Britain mid-year, with four area dates booked from July 4 at the O2 Arena in London, through to a July 7 concert in the band's hometown of Birmingham, at the NIA. The group has just completed a series of dates Down Under, and is due to play Tuesday at the Balai Sidang Convention Center in Indonesia.