Rock star Pete Doherty was jailed on Tuesday for 14 weeks for breaching terms of his probation, his record label said. Parlophone Records said the Babyshambles frontman's show at the Royal Albert Hall scheduled for April 26 would have to be postponed.

"Peter was very much looking forward to the show and would like to offer his sincerest apologies to all his fans and all those concerned," the label said in a statement.

Adrian Hunter, Doherty's manager, said that there were "numerous reasons" the singer/songwriter had been jailed. "One of them was his latecoming at probation hearings," he told Reuters.

Doherty has been in and out of court over recent months in connection with his well-publicised battle with drug abuse. Tuesday's sentence was handed down at the West London Magistrate's Court.

The 29-year-old has been a favourite of Britain's tabloid press, particularly during his on-again off-again relationship with supermodel Kate Moss. The pair are no longer together.

Asked whether Doherty would appeal the decision, Hunter said: "That is in the hands of the lawyers at the moment. I can't comment on that."

As well as the Royal Albert Hall gig, the jail term means Doherty also misses a planned appearance at the "Love Music Hate Racism" event in London the following day. Doherty is also due to play at the Glastonbury festival in late June.

"We'll have to look at that nearer the time," Hunter said.