A DMX concert on the campus of Indiana University turned violent last night (April 9), with unknown persons spraying attendees with mace after the show ended abruptly.

According to the Indiana Daily Student, the show was slated to begin at 8:30 p.m. but was delayed an hour because DMX was late arriving at the Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity house.

Police shut the show down at 9:30, removing DMX from the stage after only three songs. Witnesses said students began to rush the stage and police attempted to calm the situation with mace. But an Indiana University spokesperson says campus police were not involved in the making.

"I did chat with the campus police, who said that it was not them who disbursed the crowd using pepper spray," spokesman Larry MacIntyre tells Billboard.com. "It was a private security firm. Our campus police would not have handled it in that manner. It's been described as a riot, but I think a disturbance would have been a better description."

A DMX spokesperson was unavailable for comment at press time.