Rapper T.I. began his court-ordered community service yesterday (April 10) at Atlanta's Carver YMCA, and spoke freely of the lost business opportunities because of his arrest.

The MC admitted missing out on almost $10 to $12 million in touring, films and endorsement revenue during his court proceedings, including a lost endorsement deal with motor company General Motors, according to the Atlanta Constitution-Journal.

Harris pleaded guilty last month in Atlanta to federal weapons possession charges and is to be sentenced in one year, after completing a period of community service. He must complete at least 1,000 hours of a total 1,500 hours of the service speaking with youth groups.

Additionally, T.I. is busy at work on his upcoming album, "Paper Trail," slated for a September release. Long-time producer DJ Toomp tells Billboard.biz that he and Harris have already started recording.