For the first time in Latin America, a major act -- Argentine rock group Babasónicos -- has released its new album exclusively in mobile format prior to its brick and mortar release. The mobile release of "Mucho" was made posible via a deal between label Universal Music, manufacturer Motorola and Argentine carrier Personal.

The ten songs in "Mucho," plus a bonus track, will be available exclusively for Personal clients, for a month, through a preloaded special model of Motorola's Rockr W5 phone. One song can also be downloaded for free in a selected list of Motorola/Personal phones equipped with WAP.

The initiative kicked off April 7. "Mucho" will go to retail on May 8.

The cost of the Motorola campaign, including promotion and marketing, is estimated at $1 million and includes 20,000 preloaded phones. Each phone is retailing for approximately $150.

Although similar deals were struck by Verizon with Prince, Madonna and Timbaland, this is the first time in Latin America that a whole album is sold in this preloaded manner as an exclusive.

Band manager Eduardo Rocca says this fact was key in securing the deal. "We were not interested in selling individual tracks only," he says.