Verizon is hitching its cart to the Natasha Bedingfield bandwagon by not only sponsoring the U.K. artists' U.S. tour, but using it as a venue to promote its various music initiatives.

First off, Verizon customers who download any Bedingfield content on their phones have a chance to win a free pair of concert tickets (downloaded to their mobile phones), as well as be entered into a sweepstakes to meet the singer in person.

Additionally, fans are invited to upload a 30-second video or audio clip covering her "Pocketful of Sunshine" single. Five per concert city will then record the full version on Verizon's mobile recording bus, which Bedingfield will judge and select a grand prize winner to record a duet with her and perform with the singer live onstage.

Meanwhile, each stage of the concert will feature a green screen "stage" where fans can be recorded singing virtually with Bedingfield, as well as Verizon Song ID stations that teach concertgoers how Verizon's song identification service works.