Nokia and director Spike Lee are teaming on a contest for a "social film" - one generated by users with content captured from their mobile phones. The theme of the film is to be on how "music tells the story of humanity."

The film will have three acts, each with specific assignments for the users that will be outlined by Lee over the course of the contest. Each act will take approximately four weeks to develop, with Lee critiquing the submissions and assistant directors helping contestants revise their works online.

After each act, Nokia will choose the Top 25 submissions, which will be whittled down to a Top 10 by visitors to the Nokia Web site. Lee will choose the willing submission from each act, all of which will be integrated into the final film. The finished work will premiere in Los Angeles at the conclusion of the contest this fall.

"The future of filmmaking is changing and mobile-generated art is fast becoming the next medium for film," Lee says. "In five years, I believe we will be watching films in movie theaters that have been shot on a mobile phone."

To participate, contestants are asked to submit their compilations of text, music and video at