It's always an intriguing intersection of commerce and ministry as the faithful gather for the annual Gospel Music Assn.'s Music Week convention and Dove Awards show. Held April 19-23 in downtown Nashville, GMA Music Week attracts artists, record company execs, promoters, managers and other industry personnel representing the diverse ranks of Christian/gospel music from rap to country to rock.

Though always concerned with catering to the core church audience, dialogue at this year's convention centered on expanding the genre's reach further into the mainstream. "All churches have their revival week, where they refocus and bring somebody in to speak," Third Day frontman Mac Powell says. "That's what I look at GMA Week as. It's a week where we all come together, reminding each other why we do this, encouraging each other and hopefully learning how we can reach outside of the door of the church to encourage people with our music and our message."

Powell and his band will play a major role in spreading the message as they embark on the Music Builds tour with...

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