The release date for rapper T.I.'s "Paper Trail" (Atlantic) has been moved to August 12. The album was originally scheduled for September.

"Once we put out "No Matter What," we got so much positive response that we moved up the date," T.I. told exclusively. The Danja-produced song, "No Matter What," hit the web last week and is currently for sale digitally at the Atlantic Records Media Store.

Thus far T.I. says that he and Wyclef, who helmed most of the production on "T.I. VS. T.I.P.," haven't hit the studio yet, but he has recorded with DJ Toomp, Drumma Boy, Keith Mack, JR Rotem and in-house Grand Hustle producer, Lil C.

The MC hasn't selected an official first single yet but he does admit that it may be "Top of the World" featuring rapper BOB and Kanye West. "It's a reflective song about our humble beginnings and how far we've come," says T.I.

Tonight (May 7), the MC will sit down with BET News for a half-hour special, "T.I. Speaks," covering his life and future after being sentenced to one year in prison stemming from federal gun charges. The interview airs at 7:30 pm eastern.

"I must be a man and stand up and accept responsibility," says T.I. "I exercised extremely poor judgment, and for that, I must be willing to pay whatever price that comes before me."