The RIAA's legal campaign against file traders had an off week; a federal magistrate recommended that the judge award Tanya Anderson $103,000 of
the $299,000 she requested, on Wednesday. The labels may file objections by May 27, which an RIAA spokesperson says they plan to do.

The recommendation stems from the case brought against Andersen for illegal file sharing, which was eventually dropped last summer. The Portland single mom is also suing the RIAA for malicious prosecution, and that case remains ongoing.

Meanwhile, a Minnesota judge considering the appeal of Jammie Thomas says he is leaning towards granting a new trial. Thomas was the first P2P defendant to force a jury trial, which she lost and was ordered to pay $222,000 in damages.

The appeal judge is citing a potential "error of law" that specifically refers to whether making a track available in a shared folder on P2P networks is tantamount to infringement regardless of whether that track was actually downloaded by another.

Oral arguments on the motion for a new trial are scheduled for July 1.