Rockstar, the energy drink maker, is teaming with convenience store chain AM/PM to promote the upcoming Mayhem tour.

Rockstar, which already sponsors a winter music festival in the form of the Taste of Chaos and the Alternative Press tour during the spring was looking for a summer tour to partner with. Mayhem starts July 9 in Seattle and ends in August in Buffalo, N.Y.

"There's no money exchanged directly, but there is a price promotion," said Frank Guernsey, VP marketing for Rockstar. Consumers walking into an AM/PM will be able to buy two Rockstar's for $4, one dollar less than they would normally cost.

The promotion, which launched earlier this month, sees the Mayhem tour mentioned in print, radio, TV and online ads the Rockstar runs. Point of sale inside AM/PM will advertise the tour as well as the price discount. Advertising will be seen in the states of Washington, California, Arizona, Florida and Georgia.

"What AM/PM brings is visibility in signage and the ability of the consumer
to save money on Rockstar products," said John Reese, who along with Kevin Lyman, is producing the Mayhem Festival. "It cools up the AM/PM brand and for Rockstar its great visibility."

Disturbed, Slipknot, Dragonforce and Mastodon are among the acts performing on the tour.