Ahead of the premier of Disney's next hoped for musical franchise "Camp Rock," one of the stars of the movie launched a branded exercise show online.

Sponsored by Nintendo's Wii, "Get Fit with Alyson!" centers around Alyson Stoner, who plays Caitlyn, in three-four minute episodes exercising with a group of adolescents, talking about her life and asking kids how they would solve the world's problems.

In addition, a separate show "Get Wii Fit with Alyson!" will soon begin airing exclusively on Nintendo's game console channel that is only accessible via a Wii. In it Stoner and her friends will exercise using the new game "Wii Fit." She does not use a Wii in "Get Fit with Alyson!".

"Get Fit with Alyson," which was created by Tribe Pictures in association with Production Advisors, began airing this week ahead of "Camp Rock" which will first be broadcast on the Disney Channel on June 20.

"The marriage with Nintendo is appealing because we've created a unique show ["Get Fit With Alyson!"] that has its own integrity, that tweens and teens will actually want to watch, while also showcasing Alyson and friends having fun with Wii Fit ["Get Wii Fit With Alyson"], said Vern Oakley, founder and CEO of Tribe Pictures, in a statement.