Shwayze, the up and coming rapper with a reality show on MTV and a Pontiac commercial, all before his debut has been released on Suretone Records, has made another move in the branding world.

On July 15 his second single, "Corona and Lime" will be exclusively available Rhapsody and Verizon before going on to other digital retailers on July 22.

In return for that exclusive window, Rhapsody and Verizon will promote the single, although details were not available at press time.

The move is the latest in the brand friendly career of the Malibu rapper, who performs with Cisco Adler, son of record producer Lou Adler. Earlier this year Shwayze starred in a commercial for the Pontiac Vibe by Chicago ad agency Leo Burnett. In addition to being seen in the spot his first single 'Buzzin' played and was identified on screen.

The title of the first single is also the name of his MTV reality show which is set to debut on July 23. While the second single is a blatant plug for Corona Shwayze does not have deal with the beer maker. Yet.