Arcangel, who has been a featured vocalist on countless reggaeton compilations and on hit tracks such as "Chica Virtual" and "Algo Musical," is prepping for the fall release of his first solo album, "La Maravilla."

The artist gave away an earlier version of the album online amid a financial dispute with artist Zion's imprint, Baby Records. The album will now be released via Luny Tunes' LTs Benjamins and Machete Music.

Arcangel (aka Austin Santos) tells the new version of "La Maravilla" will consist of both prior material as well as 12 new tracks. There's no firm release date but "La Maravilla" is scheduled to drop in either September or October, according to label sources.

"It's not a reggaeton album, but a Latin urban album," Arcangel says, citing electronic dance and hip-hop's influence. "It's a little friendlier to the ears, as much for kids as for their parents. I didn't just make an album that people on the street would like ... it's totally commercial."

The first single, which has yet to go to radio, is a new track called "Esta Bueno El Ambiente."