Capcom, the Japanese maker of the upcoming video game "Street Fighter IV," is one of the sponsors of a party being held tonight (Aug. 1) in Los Agneles. Public Enemy, Ghostface Killah and Kidz In The Hall have been tapped to perform at the event.

Tonight's party will feature a competition where players battle one another while playing the arcade version of "Street Fighter IV." The game features two characters fighting one another until one of them is knocked out.

Having a version of the game at events where music is present is part of Capcom's recent efforts to broaden the base of people it hopes will play the game to more than just hardcore gamers.

For example, the company is currently in talks with San Francisco's Outside Lands festival, which takes place Aug. 22-24, about setting up a tent that would house 10 arcade machines of the game, has learned.

In addition, the company is staging Street Fighter Club, small events across the country where gamers can get their hands on the machine while local DJs spin. The first club was recently held in Los Angeles, and an event in New York is expected to take place later this summer.

"Street Fighter as a brand has a cachet," Capcom senior director of communications and community Chris Kramer said. "It's one things to be at a comic convention that's made up of about 40% video game fans."

Capcom displayed the game at this year's Comic Con in San Diego.

"We're trying to reach the other Street Fighter fans, the ones who are at places where people don't dress up like Darth Vader," Kramer adds.