Spike Lee's advertising agency, Omnicom Group's Spike DDB, has partnered with goldmic.com, a hip-hop social networking site, to bring new brands to the five-year old site.

The partnership also means that Spike DDB clients, who include Pepsi, Turner Networks and Johnson and Johnson, may be offered the option of advertising on the site. "We will certainly consider how to approach our clients," said Joel Johnson, managing director, of New York based Spike DDB.

Current advertisers include Nike and the upcoming Vin Diesel film "Babylon A.D.". According to Johnson, goldmic.com will begin targeting categories such as apparel, entertainment, consumer electronics and education.

"Goldmic.com is about independent expression and creativity. They want to be the source for original hip-hop creations," said Johnson. "We want to find the appropriate advertisers who will respect that mission. We are looking for clients and advertising who understand the power and influence of hip-hop."

As part of the process of making goldmic.com brand friendly a moderator culls profanity from the site on a regular basis, said David Lemoine, managing partner, goldmic.com.

"What we're trying to do is offer hip hop fans a new way to release their new creations. Spike DDB is going to present us to some brands and partners to help us monetize our traffic," said Lemoine. "We want our members to be as free as possible within certain limits."