MC Hammer's new single "I Got Gigs" from his forthcoming album, Dancejamthemusic, takes center stage in a new commercial for ESPN that launches today.

The hip-hop impresario has been on tour and quietly assembling a roster of artists for his label, Fullblast Playhouse. On September 29, MC Hammer and three of his artists - Dasit, Pleasure Ellis, and the Stooge Playaz - will release albums, MC Hammer said.

"My approach is, even before people know about it [the forthcoming single], to pound it into their subconscious with this commercial," MC Hammer tells Billboard exclusively. The single will be released for sale after the artist finalizes which company will distribute his and his compatriot's albums.

The album title is a reference to, a Web site consisting of videos of people dancing, that Mc Hammer co-founded in late 2007. Dancejamthemusic will have 16 tracks MC Hammer said. "It's all dance driven, fun music," he said.

The New York office of independent advertising agency Wieden + Kennedy made the Hammer commercial, as well as another one that does not have a musician in it, to promote Monday Night Football on ESPN.

In the MC Hammer spot a man is seen enthusiastically playing keytar while the artist raps his single into the microphone. Throughout a beeping noise is heard that turns out to be keytarist's alarm alerting him that this is all a dream and it is Monday morning.

"We had MC Hammer in mind early on the process. We were into Hammer back in the day, and our target audience is 20 something to 30 something year old males," said Eric Steele, copywriter, Wieden + Kennedy. "We thought it would be a nice nostalgic throwback to feature him in dream."