Jordan Pruitt will sell a line of virtual clothes this fall in Zwinky, a virtual world for young girls.

The singer/songwriter will also perform in New York's Time's Square for the launch of Zwinky Cuties, an offshoot of Zwinky. The virtual clothing line is aimed at girls aged six-years-old and up, and scheduled to launch Sept. 16.

Pruitt's second album "Permission to Fly" (Hollywood Records) was released exclusively in Limited Too stores and her Web site before going to traditional retailers. Pruitt will design a line of virtual clothes for avatars, according to Mike Primiani, senior VP of strategic partnership and product operation at IAC. IAC owns Zwinky and Zwinky Cuties.

Pruitt's line, which currently does not have a name, will be sold at the Jordan Pruitt boutique. The store will exist in the Zwinky world although not in the Zwinky Cutie world. Pruitt and IAC will split the revenues.

Zwinky currently averages 3.4 million users per month, according to comScore. Their competitors include such Web sites as Webkinz, Stardoll and Gaia Online.

"We feel she's about to break wide open," Primiani said. "Our core demo is the teen to tween market and these girls relate to her."