Fonovisa Records is preparing to launch a new branded series of regional Mexican music albums. Titled "Idolos (De Mexico Para el Mundo)," which translates to "Idols From Mexico to the World."

The first edition will feature tracks by the likes of Marco Antonio Solis, Grupo Montez de Durango and Jenni Rivera. The set will go to retail on Sept. 16 and will be promoted via a national TV spot campaign, and also through a direct marketing campaign on multiple TV channels.

"Everyone who's had a Top Ten hit in the last 14 months is in there," says Fonovisa/Disa president Gustavo López.

López is describing "Idolos" as the regional Mexican version of the "Now" series. Although "Now" has a Latin series in place, its repertoire has been largely pop and reggaetón-driven.