Canadian pop star Avril Lavigne will perform in Kuala Lumpur on Aug. 29 after the Malaysian Cabinet approved the show, despite opposition from the youth wing of the country's Islamic opposition party.

The fate of the concert was unclear following an Aug. 20 announcement by Unity, Culture, Arts and Heritage Minister Mohammed Shafie that the show at Kuala Lumpur's 45,000-capacity Stadium Merdeka would be postponed because it clashed with Malaysia's National Day celebrations. Malaysia celebrates its 51st year of independence on Aug. 31.

Shafie's announcement followed a call by the Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party's Youth Council's to ban Lavigne's performance because "she is a bad influence on our youth," as reported on

Publicity and ticket sales for Lavigne's "The Best Damn Tour" concert began at least two weeks before local promoter the Galaxy Group submitted its application to hold the concert, according to local industry sources.

Lavigne's Kuala Lumpur concert is the first date in an Asian tour that will take her to Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea, the Philippines and Japan.

The go-ahead for Lavigne's Kuala Lumpur concert is seen as a triumph for music fans who criticized the opposition party's protest and what they perceived as the ministry's indecision.