A Miami jury acquitted the handyman accused of attempting to kill Latin singer/songwriter Estéfano. Francisco Oliveira Jr., a Brazilian employee of Estéfano’s, was found not guilty by a six-person jury in Miami Aug. 27.

Estéfano, one of Latin music's premiere songwriters, has penned hit compositions for Shakira, Marc Anthony, Jennifer López, Gloria Estefan and Thalía, among many others. He had fingered Oliveira as the man who had gone to his house last year and shot him twice - in the chest and head - and left him for dead.

In a civil lawsuit settled last year, Estéfano accused his former business manager, José Luis Gil and leaders of the Ochosi Yoruba church of siphoning millions from his off-shore account in Panama to the church. Prosecutors alleged Oliveira was presumably sent to kill Estéfano so Gil and the church could keep the money.

Both Estéfano and Oliveira testified at the trial, with Oliveira's defense attorney alleging that there was no physical evidence linking Oliveira to the crime.

"All prosecutors had was an uncorroborated, post-traumatic recollection of the victim," said defense attorney Frank Rubio. "They had no DNA. No gun. No confession. No gunshot residue."

The Estéfano case highlighted the often vague agreements that exist between artists and representatives. The relationship between Estéfano and Gil went back 11 years. Estéfano had alleged in his civil complaint that an oral agreement existed between himself and Gil, through which Gil managed Estéfano's business affairs and collected 10% of his earnings. After Estéfano nearly died following the shooting, the complaint said, he discovered that Gil had taken full control of his business ventures, including the off-shore company that received his royalty payments. Gil, in turn, denied the allegations and denied being an "administrator, employee or even partner" in any of Estéfano's business ventures, saying he was merely a consultant for specific contracts.

Estéfano and Gil reached a confidential settlement agreement on the civil case, but the criminal case against Oliveira proceeded.

Gil was not called to testify.

In the music realm, Estéfano has returned to writing and producing, and most recently penned for Chayanne "Amor Inmortal," the theme song of the upcoming Mega TV series "Gabriel."