U.S. online music store Rhapsody launched its latest advertising campaign at this weekend's MTV Video Music Awards.

The campaign, consisting of four 30-second spots, uses the theme "music without limits." Rhapsody was also promoted during three live performances at the show. [Click here to see who won what]. During sets by Pink, T.I. and the Jonas Brothers the screen behind the groups directed viewers to rhapsody.com to hear more music by the performers.

Three of the ads were made by New York ad agency Droga5 while a fourth was made jointly by MTV and Rhapsody. In August 2007, MTV, Rhapsody and Verizon announced a joint digital music venture called "Rhapsody

In one of the ads made by Droga5, a woman jumps off of a building into a sea of bubbles. Before hitting the ground she lands inside of a bubble that immediately begins playing music. She then proceeds to jump to different bubbles, each of which then plays a different song.