Major League Gaming, the professional video game league, will give away online "Chiron," the first single from metal act All That Remains on Tuesday (Sept. 9), one week before the group's fourth studio album, "Overcome," is released.

"From the moment we brought Phil [Labonte, frontman] from All That Remains into the offices of Major League Gaming, it became clear that this was more than just two companies matching demographics to reach new consumers - because Phil lives gaming the way he lives music, and knows just about everything there is to know about the field," said Razor & Tie Entertainment senior VP, marketing, Michael Krumper, in a statement.

No money changed hands, said a Razor & Tie representative, and the single is DRM free. The band is such a big fan of video games that in August Labonte visited a Toronto MLG competition and did an interview for MLG's online show, "MLG's Live Pre-Game". Also, Final Boss, one of the top ranked professional teams, will begin using All That Remains' "Two Weeks" as their theme song. While the single "Chiron" is being worked to Metal radio, "Two Weeks" is at the same time being worked to Active Rock.

"The synergy between the video game lifestyle and music has been well documented and we're proud to work creatively with All That Remains to offer the single to our community...", said Catherine Corry, executive VP of programming and production for Major League Gaming, in a statement.