The CTIA Wireless I.T. & Entertainment trade show kicked off today in San Francisco. The event runs Sept. 10 - 12. Below, a round-up of music mobile news.

- Mobile social networking is emerging as a key area of interest for both content providers and wireless operators as a means of better monetizing mobile entertainment content. Stepping into this experiment on the user-generated content side is Audible Magic, who revealed deals with four mobile content providers to add its content fingerprinting and filtering technology to the emerging mobile space.

They include off-deck content providers FunForMobile and Thumbplay, mobile streaming video provider mywaves, and DIY ringtone sales service Myxer. In all instances, the technology is being implemented to prevent users from uploading unauthorized content to each service.

- Off-deck mobile content sales service Dada Entertainment and text-message fan club operator Mozes have teamed up to give Mozes users access to downloadable content. The deal adds Dada's sales tool to the Mozes service, so when fans join a mobile fan club for a specific artist, that artist can now offer them ringtones and other content directly through the service, so long as it's in the Dada catalog. Dada today has content only from Sony BMG, which operates Dada in a joint venture.

- RealNetworks has started shopping a new make-your-own ringtone and ringtback tone service called Cutting Tune to its wireless operator partners. While several ringtone customization service already exist and are offered by such carriers as AT&T and Verizon Wireless (using a service from mSpot), RealNetworks ups the ante by allowing users to create their own ringback tones as well, a first.

In addition to creating their own ringtones and ringback tones, users can also then "gift" those creations to other users.

RealNetworks is now shopping the service to wireless operators, who must first adopt the technology and offer it as a service to their customers. The company already powers the ringback tone service for several wireless operators, including Verizon Wireless.

- Mobile handset manufacturer Sony Ericsson reportedly is planning to offer an unlimited music download service similar to Nokia's Comes With Music plan, according to the Financial Times. The report says the company is negotiating with the major labels now, with plans to launch the product by the end of September.

That's a tight turnaround, if true. But since Nokia has already done the heavy lifting of getting all majors, save EMI Music, already onboard, the template for such deals are now in place.

The rumored new service follows a relaunch of Sony Ericsson's PlayNow Arena, a ringtone and track download service.