Prince will release his first book, "21 Nights," in October. The lush coffee table book of photographs depicts Prince during his 21 night-stand at London's O2 Arena in 2007. Included with the book is a new CD of his music.

The photographs, which show Prince doing things such as lounging on a bed in his pajamas, picking out his stage wardrobe and doing sound checks, are shot by Randee St. Nicholas the fashion photographer and music video director.

As such, the pictures are carefully styled and posed. The back of the book includes a list of the clothiers, apparel makers and candle suppliers whose goods are depicted.

The book is sprinkled with short phrases, poems and song lyrics. The accompanying CD "Indigo Nights" is a 15-track representation of what a Prince after concert performance is like.

This is not Prince's first foray into alternative distribution of his music. In 2007 he bundled copies his CD "Planet Earth" with U.K. newspaper The Mail on Sunday.