BET has teamed up with its mobile commerce partner Single Touch Systems to offer new interactive entertainment services to viewers.

The 4U2 Dedicate, lets users select a song to dedicate to a friend from a pre-defined list, and then record a personalized introduction before sending the song to friends from their mobile phone.

Mobile Microphone, meanwhile, lets users add their vocals to various instrumental tracks pre-selected for the service, and then send the final result to friends, as well as post to an area of the BET Web site where other BET viewers will vote for the best recording.

Both services are available through Single Touch's dial-code based system. Rather than relying on WAP pages or SMS messages, Single Touch offers special phone numbers for participants to call and access its various content and services through a more traditional touch-tone menu option.

Single Touch and BET have previously joined forces on BET's ringtone sales program, where viewers can dial a special Single Touch number to order a ringtone of any song currently playing as a music video.