Oasis has postponed three additional shows in the wake of injuries suffered by guitarist Noel Gallagher during a Sept. 7 onstage attack in Toronto.

According to the band's Web site, Gallagher has three broken and dislodged ribs and has been advised by his doctor not to perform for another week.

As such, shows Saturday (Sept. 27) in Cornwall, England, Sept. 29 in Koln, Germany, and Sept. 30 in Paris have been postponed, with rescheduled dates to be announced. The week of the attack, Oasis axed shows in London, Ontario, and New York.

The Oct. 7 launch of a U.K. arena tour won't be affected by Gallagher's injuries, according to the site. The band's new album, "Dig Out Your Soul," arrives the same day in the U.S. via Big Brother/Warner Bros.