Rapper DMX was admitted to an Aventura, Fla., hospital yesterday (Sept. 22), according to his laywer Bradford Cohen, a day before he was scheduled to appear in an Arizona court. While Bradford wouldn't confirm media reports alleging his admittance was due to "fear of stroke," he did say, "It was serious enough at the time but ultimately he should be OK."

"It was serious enough for him to be brought and taken into a treatment facility. He spent the night there last night and he will probably spend tonight there as well," Cohen told Billboard.biz. "I don't think it's going to be an ongoing thing or a life-threatening situation. He's going to be alright."

Earlier this month, DMX, born Earl Simmons, was extradited from Florida to an Arizona jail after pleading out time-served in Miami to face numerous charges he accumulated in the state, including drug possession, traffic violations, animal cruelty accusations and defrauding a hospital with an invalid Social Security number and name. He has since posted bond and has no warrants in the state, although he was due in court today to "clear up the bond issue for the possession case."

Just last month the former Def Jam artist was also admitted into a hospital the day before he was due in court, although Cohen doesn't believe this will raise red flags or bring doubt to those working on his case. "If a hospital holds you for observation, then there's no reason to fear," he said. "Hospitals want to free up beds. He's never checked into a hospital and checked right out -- his visits always warrant him staying there for a couple of days."

Pending his discharge, DMX has a Sept. 29 rescheduled Arizona court date, and has a number of other hearings to attend in the following weeks.

While details are scant, the rapper is scheduled to release two albums, tentatively titled "Walk With Me Now" and "Fly With Me Later," via Bodog Entertainment in late October. The latter will allegedly be a religious set. Touring plans post-release are in the works as well.