U.K. rock act Oasis is to offer its new set, "Dig Out Your Soul" (Big Brother Recordings), on two separate formats for download purchasers.

As well as the full-length album, the band will be releasing a ten-track MP3 version for £5 ($9.26). It will be available from various online stores and the band's site at www.oasisinet.com and will not include the track "Get Off Your High Horse Lady."

"It's right that there's a 'no brainer' version of the album," says Emma Greengrass, GM of Big Brother Recordings. "It's aimed at people who are looking to test the water [with digital music] who are prepared to take a flyer at that price. It was Noel Gallagher's idea that you should pay less and get less rather than pay more and get more, which is what everyone else seems to be doing."

The album is out on Oct. 6 and it is the first time Oasis have made a new album available in MP3 format for the original release.

The full-length version of the album will also be available at all online stores and fans that buy it on Oasisinet.com get a half hour documentary on the making of the album. It will also be available in MP3.

Customers who pre-order on iTunes will also receive a bonus track, the Liam Gallagher-penned "I Believe In All", on the day of release. The track "Falling Down" will be sent to customers when the order is placed.