TV viewers who enjoy the vicarious thrill of torrid romances, family feuds and scandalous business deals can now relive 50 years of Mexico's famous soap operas.

Televisa CEO Emilio Azcarraga Jean says the Mexican media giant is posting 600,000 hours of its programs on a new portal,

The massive video archive includes not only soaps but movies, game shows and news casts.

U.S. viewers, however, will only be able to see a fraction of the programs on the portal because of a lawsuit pending between Univision Communications Inc. and Televisa over Internet distribution rights. Officials did not specify how many programs U.S. viewers can see.

[Editor's note: Billboard was unable to enter the site on Friday, receiving a message that stated, "Content not available in your country."]

Televisa is the world's top producer of Spanish-language television programming and is a Univision content supplier.