Sir Paul McCartney is returning to his Fireman alias after a decade away from the collaborative project with producer Youth.

McCartney releases “Electric Arguments” by The Fireman on Nov. 17 via MPL, an imprint of his own London-based publishing company. The 13-track album will be manufactured and distributed by U.K. indie One Little Indian worldwide except the U.S. It is understood that ATO Records will release it in the U.S.

“Electric Arguments” is the third set from The Fireman, although it is the first to feature vocals and is described as “entirely different” to the dance and electronic music of previous releases.

McCartney and Martin “Youth” Glover, a former member of U.K. alternative act Killing Joke, released an ambient dance album, “Strawberries Oceans Ships Forest” (Parlophone), in 1993; McCartney’s involvement was initially a secret but later leaked. They followed that with another electronic music album “Rushes” (Hydra/EMI) in 1998.

The new album features more traditional song-writing including classic rock and acoustic tracks “yet is in keeping with the genre-hopping spirit of the first two The Fireman albums,” according to a statement. One track, “Lifelong Passion,” was donated to the charity Adopt-A-Minefield as download for those making donations.

“Electric Arguments” was recorded in just 13 days, although the sessions were spread out over nearly a year. Each track was written and recorded in one day and the duo also produced the album.

The statement adds that it was “made with no record company restraints or a set release date to work to” and “with complete artistic and creative freedom.” The radio edit of “Nothing Too Much Just Out Of Sight” debuted in the U.K. on national top 40 station Radio 1 on Zane Lowe’s show and it is the DJ’s “Hottest Record In the World Right Now.”

McCartney released his last solo album “Memory Almost Full” on the Starbucks and Concord label Hear Music in June 2007. It was his first release since leaving EMI.

The “Electric Arguments” track-listing is:

“Nothing Too Much Just Out Of Sight”
“Two Magpies”
“Sing The Changes”
“Travelling Light”
“Light From Your Lighthouse”
“Sun Is Shining”
“Dance 'Til We're High”
“Lifelong Passion”
“Is This Love?”
“Lovers In A Dream”
“Universal Here, Everlasting Now”
“Don't Stop Running”