Two Spanish biz veterans have launched their second indie label in three years. Fernando Delgado, who works with Fernando Portalo, says their three-year-old Madrid-based label 2Fer Records "was thought of for ladies to dance to, while [new label] Chelsea Records is for ladies to sing to us.”

Chelsea will release music by female singers only and the first is Taera, whose debut album “Carta Sonora” is out in October. Pakistan-born Taera has lived in Spain for five years, and sings in Spanish, English and Punjabi.

The pair have extensive music biz backgrounds - Delgado worked at Universal, Mercury and Virgin - and they have worked at PIAS Spain for six years, Delgado as promotions manager and Portalo as deputy sales manager. Their current PIAS priority is promoting the new Oasis album, “Dig Out Your Soul,” released on Oct. 6 and distributed in Spain by PIAS.

"Working at a distribution label means we have 120% information on the biz," says Delgado. "We control management, merchandising, live performances. We know where to sell and how to sell.”

However, the pair are modest in their goals. "If we sell 500 [physical] Taera CDs, we'll be happy," says Delgado. "That's our goal. We sell her music on iTunes too, and it all adds up. We have an initial run of 1,000 copies, so we can sell some CDs at her concerts.” Chelsea and 2Fer are distributed by PIAS.

2Fer Records artists include The Right Ons, Dellamorte Dellamore, The Ettes, and John P. Strohm.