Sony duo Los Cuates de Sinaloa will appear on an upcoming episode of AMC's "Breaking Bad." The cable drama stars Emmy winner Bryan Cranston as a high school chemistry teacher who makes and sells crystal meth to support his family. The show will air a video of a narcocorrido about an outlaw chemist known as "Heisenberg," a reference to Cranston's character, recorded by Los Cuates in studio and featuring them on-camera.

The song was originally written in English and then translated into Spanish by songwriter and La Que Buena PD Pepe Garza. The track was produced by the Twiins, Adolfo and Omar Valenzuela.

Information on airdate was not available as of press time. The placement was coordinated by music supervisor Thomas Golubic, Sony U.S. Latin VP of marketing/A&R Nir Seroussi and the label's director of music licensing Mary Nuñez.