In an effort to keep her wits while crisscrossing the globe in support of her gold-selling debut effort, "Rockferry," U.K. singer/songwriter Duffy has been busy writing material for future releases.

"Suddenly I was swept away by this wave, and I felt that I wasn't actually fulfilling the role that I was meant to fulfill," she tells of the frenzy surrounding "Rockferry."

Among the new songs already getting stage time during her first major stateside headlining tour are the defiant "Rain in Your Parade" and the groove-oriented "Fool for You." While both tracks were written two months ago, only the former song is earmarked as one of seven unreleased tracks for an extended deluxe package of "Rockferry," a date for which has yet to be announced.

"So I have some new material, which is great because what I'm able to do is reflect on some of those songs that we didn't use on the record," Duffy says. "My manager and myself only wanted 10 songs (on 'Rockferry'). So a lot of songs were left behind, and I get to use them on like a weird, new edition of the album with the extra songs. Also, it allows me, now that I'm headlining, to introduce more material to my audience because they have more time with me."

Duffy is playing headlining gigs in tandem with some opening slots for Coldplay in North America, and says touring will be her priority in the near-term.

"My album is only six months old since it was released to the public, so I've got to be careful of rushing ahead," Duffy says. "Everything has to take its time in this life. I don't want to be that sort of artist that just rushes in. I like to think about things."