"Mexico Es Tu Casa," a song on Los Tucanes de Tijuana's new album, will be used in an international campaign promoting tourism in Mexico, according to a spokesman for the band. The song, written by Tucanes leader Mario Quintero, was commissioned by Mexico's secretary of tourism. A video for the song with landscapes of the country is being filmed for release to TV networks in February.

"The song was done exclusively to promote tourism," says Quintero in a statement. "It's the first time we've been asked to do something like this...as a Mexican I've always liked to promote our country."

Two years ago, Los Tucanes de Tijuana appeared in commercials for Foster Farms chicken, for which they reworked one of their corridos as music for the ad. Los Tucanes released two albums yesterday on Fonovisa: corridos album "Propiedad Privada" and "Soy Todo Tuyo," which contains "Mexico Es Tu Casa" and other light material.