An exhibition of photos of Miles Davis will open Friday (Nov. 21) to the public at the Morrison Hotel gallery in New York.

What makes this unusual is that the exhibition is being put on by Sony BMG. Specifically its Icon Collectibles section, which was set up earlier this year to exploit the company's vast archive of photographs of its musicians.

On a recent walk through, the 18 photographs on display showed off Davis in a variety of stages over his 20 plus year career with the Columbia Records. The majority of the photographs were taken by Don Hunstein, then a staff photographer for the company.

The prints, which range in price from $1,400 to $3,000, depict Davis recording, thinking and performing on stage. They also include press shots.

In addition to the gallery size prints for sale, a box set of 10 photographs from the exhibition will be sold as well as the 50th anniversary box set of "Kind of Blue."