Association of Hispanic Advertising Agencies (AHAA) chairman José López-Varela has sent a three-page letter to Arbitron VP of national group services/regional manager Rich Tunkel and director of multicultural business affairs Stacie de Armas expressing AHAA's frustration at the lack of response to the Hispanic advertising community's concerns with PPM.

In the letter, López-Varela says there was no response to a letter sent to Arbitron on Sept. 11, at their request, again clarifying AHAA's issues with the PPM methodology and Hispanic sampling.

AHAA, reads the letter, "has tried in good faith to work with Arbitron and communicate our reservations clearly and concisely; however, you and other company representatives have been indifferent and refuse to acknowledge the severity of the consequences that PPM in its current state pose to the Spanish-language radio industry and the U.S. Latino communities. With PPM, we are unable to do our jobs effectively and our clients will suffer. When a research sample is inaccurate, the research is invalid. The PPM sample is wrong."

López-Varela then proceeds to reiterate their 11 concerns, including that "PPM sample sizes are inadequate and are unrepresentative of the Hispanic population; PPM has a smaller sample size than the diary; young Hispanic listeners (12+) are not reasonably included in Arbitron PPM samples; Hispanic recruitment methods skew toward English-dominant persons, as Arbitron is not sampling for country of origin; and PPM data omits the key metrics necessary for an accurate assessment of minority radio listenership."

"We are committed to continue to seek resolution for the benefit of our clients and the communities we serve," says the letter, which calls on Arbitron to "act responsibly toward providing the most accurate data possible - it's an investment you can't afford not to make."

De Armas had not responded to R&R's request for comment at press time.