The marketing world has swooned over the way U.S. president-elect Barack Obama deftly used new-media outlets like social networks and mobile phones to mobilize support for his campaign. Advertising Age even named him Marketer of the Year in October, choosing him over traditional favorites like Apple and Nike.

As it happens, the new-media tools that helped carry Obama to the White House are the same ones that the music industry has been trying to figure for the better part of two years now, with less spectacular results.

Some say Obama enjoys rock-star appeal. So let's take a moment to examine what real rock stars can learn from the man's digital strategy.

It's Social Media, Stupid!

In addition to the traditional TV and radio ads, direct mailings and endless volunteer phone calls, the Obama campaign put an unprecedented degree of faith in social media, user-generated content and viral platforms-all without losing control of its message.

It not only distributed its own content, such as speech footage, volunteer shorts, and Web and TV ads, but also gave supporters the freedom to distribute their own. Perhaps most ingenious was how the campaign utilized the capabilities of different communities to its advantage. Supporters on Facebook, for example, could "donate" their status update on Election Day to deliver a get-out-the-vote message.

In all, Obama had more than 1.2 million Facebook friends, almost 850,000 MySpace friends, more than 100,000 Twitter "followers" and 140,000 YouTube subscribers who watched about 20 million video streams.

Lesson: Social media is no longer about sharing a few photos and music videos. To keep fans engaged, there needs to be a steady stream of content from every resource available, as well as a call to action to get them involved in marketing your work. Obama supporters encouraged their friends to vote for him. An artist's fans can remind their buddies to pick up a new album or buy concert tickets.

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