Warner Music Group digital consultant Jim Griffin's push to establish a surcharge to cover the cost of pirated music is making the university rounds, according to this Wired article.

The aim is to build a music-royalty fee into the tuition payments from universities and disburse them to copyright holders. Students, in return for the fee, would be able to download music through college networks using file-sharing clients, such as Limewire, without legal recourse. The idea here has been floating around for a while, but now, the majors, except for Universal Music Group, are onboard with the plan.

The per-student price would be less than $5 per month and could be a blueprint for larger ISP-level music sharing licensing, according to Wired. Billboard's Antony Bruno explored Griffin's efforts, back in May, when it was first revealed he and WMG planned to partner with ISPs to charge an extra fee for Internet accounts to compensate participating labels, publishers and artists.

The full Billboard cover story can be found here.