Looking to live on Satisfaction Street? Or Ruby Tuesday Drive? If so, Dartford is the place to go. Streets there are being named after classic Rolling Stones hits in honor of local heroes Mick Jagger and Keith Richards.

The ties to the town just east of London are strong: Jagger was born there and attended elementary school there, meeting Richards when both were schoolboys.

According to local legend, the two later met at the Dartford train station and talked about forming a band that went on to become the world-conquering Stones.

"That's the open legend," said Oakley Hartney, spokeswoman for the Dartford Council, which approved the street names Thursday night.

She said the decision reflects tremendous pride in the town's connection to the Stones, one of the longest running and most successful rock bands in the world.

"There's a lot of excitement and support for the Stones in the borough as a whole," she said. "Everyone is very supportive and this is a way to celebrate."

The new Stones streets are part of a major new housing development that will also include some businesses.

One road will be named "Sympathy Street," derived from the Stones' sinister classic "Sympathy for the Devil."

Others will be called "Cloud Close," "Rainbow Close" and "Dandelion Row" after other Stones songs. There will also be "Stones Avenue" and "Little Red Walk" from "Little Red Rooster," the blues classic covered by the Stones in their early days.

The Stones were seen as a threat by the British establishment during their early years, when Jagger and Richards were arrested on various drug offenses, but all seems to have been forgiven during more recent times, which have seen Jagger knighted by Queen Elizabeth II.