Boston-based rock act Bang Camaro will release its second album, "Bang Camaro II," nationally via 8th Impression Music and Fontana/Universal on Jan. 13.

8th Impression, founded by music industry veteran Ramsey Dean, is a division of advertising music agency Spank Music. The label specializes in making music originally used in advertisements available for commercial sale.

Bang Camaro rose to prominence via placements in the videogames "Rock Band," "Rock Band 2," "Guitar Hero II," "Phase" and "Titan Quest." In February, the group's song "Revolution" will be in "The Sims 3."

The band's other synchs include use in extreme skiing and snowboarding films such as "Under The Influence" and in a commercial for Lugz boots.

Bang Camaro had released "Bang Camaro II" in a limited fashion on its own Black Sword label, but licensed the title to 8th Impression for national marketing and distribution.