Spanish paramilitary Civil Guards and Dominican Republic police have arrested four people in that Caribbean nation who are accused of demanding more than $100,000 from Spanish multi-platinum singer David Bisbal in return for not making public demo recordings of songs to be included on his next album, which had been stolen from one of Bisbal's email accounts.

Detained were a 23-year-old female psychologist and fan, and her three alleged accomplices. They face charges of extortion, blackmail, and illegal seizure of a private email account that Bisbal used in his professional dealings with his label, Universal Spain affiliate Vale Music.

Details of the detentions were released in a three-page note by the Civil Guard through the Spanish interior ministry, as well as a personal note from Bisbal issued through Vale. Bisbal received an anonymous message last Nov. 18 while recording his new album in Madrid. The writer of the message is said to have made it known she had emails and recordings and demanded cash to be paid into several bank accounts in various countries.

Bisbal reported the incidents to the Civil Guard in his home city of Almeria in south-eastern Spain, and the operation was traced to the Dominican Republic. Officers were sent there, where they worked with local police via the Latin American Forum of Cyber-Police.

Bisbal said in his statement, "My real fear and worry was not knowing how much information they had. The intervened e-mail account had songs recorded with my own voice, but the very important risk is that it could have ruined the work of the composers, publishers, and musicians who have taken part in the recordings."

He added: "You can imagine my sadness, uncertainty, anxiety and anguish that I suffered for more than a month not knowing what would happen. But I can tell you today that, thanks to God, the swift action of the Spanish justice and Civil Guard, in coordination with the police of the Dominican Republic, have led to a satisfactory outcome and the recovery of the stolen information.

"Life has again shown me that, just as there are people who want to do evil, there are also many good people, authentic professionals, prepared to combat the delinquents and help the victims of their criminal acts." Among the people Bisbal thanked were the staff of the Domini¡can Republic consulate in Miami.

Bisbal was the first participant in Spain's "Operación Triunfo" reality show to become an international star. His albums are multi-platinum sellers in Spain and Latin America. His next album is scheduled for release in the fall.

Vale Music marketing director Domingo Garcia said: "There have been many weeks of high tension. The email account included songs David had worked on for eight months."