Starbucks this week launched a national ad campaign that uses lyrics and music from California rapper MC Yogi (White Swan Records). MC Yogi last year released a viral video entitled "Obama '08 - Vote for Hope" which has garnered 350,115 views on YouTube as of press time.

The new spot is entitled "Are You In?" and is from New York agency BBDO, part of the Omnicom holding company. It employs animation and asks viewers to volunteer to be part of President Barack Obama's call for national service. The song heard during the spot, "Grassroots Movement," is available as a free download on

This is not the first time a brand has used a YouTube sensation in an
advertising campaign. In late 2007 Dr Pepper had Tay Zonday, famous for his rendition of the song "Chocolate Rain" on YouTube, record a new version that touted the benefits of drinking Cherry Chocolate Diet Dr Pepper.